Privacy Policy

The Countryside Express website, and all of its sub-domains, are owned and operated by Countryside Express Logistics Private Limited (“Countryside Express Logistics” or “Countryside Express”). The use of this website, including all of its sections and services, is governed by the following terms and conditions. By accessing or using this website, you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed below on behalf of yourself and the organization you represent (henceforth referred to as “customer”, “consumer”,“you” or “your”).

As a company, we at Countryside Express understand how important it is to safeguard consumers' privacy when they visit When you use this website, information is gathered for marketing and service improvement purposes for us, our subsidiaries, and our partners. It also helps us to contact you when there are updates to this website, resolve complaints, or for any other pertinent marketing purposes.  You accept the terms and conditions and the use of information in connection with this policy if you decide to use our services. Your information won't be used or shared with anybody else than what this privacy policy specifies.


Capturing Data

We may ask for certain personally identifiable information from you when you use, including but not limited to your name, phone number, and postal address, in order to improve your experience and make it easier for you to onboard at Countryside Express. We will use the information we gather to get in touch with you, identify you, and address any concerns or questions you may have. A password or an (One Time Password) OTP is required to access several parts of the Countryside Express website, including, but not limited to "Login" and "Bulk Delivery." As needed by the laws of the country(ies) of transit or destination, specific shipment data will be given to the authorities of those country(ies) for the purpose of customs and tax clearance as well as security screening. Typically, the data supplied would consist of the shipper's name&address(along with local Identity/Address proofs if required), recipient’s name & address, content description, weight & value of the consignment.


Capturing Data via Mobile Application

We collect the following information;shipper's name & address, e-mail address,contact number and approximate location.

Purpose of gathering such information;

This information is necessary for internal record keeping, but it's also needed to better understand your needs and serve you.
We might make use of the data to enhance the services we provide.
Using the e-mail address/contact number, you have provided, we may occasionally send you promotional emails about new products, exclusive deals, or other information we think you might find interesting, from our official e-mail(s) and contact numbers only.
We might occasionally use the data you provide to get in touch with you for survey or research purposes. We may contact you via mail, phone, or email and utilize the data to tailor the website to your preferences.
Additional data associated to surveys and/or offers for customers.


Customer Consent

You are providing the required data completely by your consent. You acknowledge and agree that no user is required to give us their personal information for other than courier/shipping/marketing purposes, and that any information you choose to give us is done so completely voluntarily and with your willingness to disclose such information.


Countryside Express Franchisee(s) & Other Service Providers

We might use our franchisee or third-partycompanies/delivery or pickup partners for the following reasons:

To enable our first mile, operations, linehaul and last mile activities.
To supply the Service on our behalf.
To help us analyse how our service is used.


Kindly note that our service partners may need access to your Personal Information in order to carry out the responsibilities that have been delegated to them on our behalf. They must, however, refrain from disclosing the information or using it for any other reason.


Safety & Security the necessary precautions to guarantee data security and privacy, including using different software and hardware techniques. Reasonable security measures are in place on this website to guard against the loss, exploitation, and/or alteration of data that is under our control. However, since there is no 100% safe and dependable way to transmit data over the internet or store data electronically, we are unable to guarantee the security of any information shared online.


Fraudulent Email/SMS/Call Alert

The communications stating "Pickup/Delivery Address confirmation," "Personal information verification," "Your courier is blocked," "Promotional gifts/coupons/vouchers", "Some important information is missing," and "Fill the documents attached for identity verification" may be appearing in reports of fraudulent emails, SMS messages, or phone calls. These communications might include malware, such as viruses or data theft tools, that could be unsafe.

Should you come across a communication that fits this description, refrain from opening the email or clicking on the attachment, avoid clicking on any links in the text message, and avoid giving out any private or sensitive information over the phone such asOne Time Passwords (OTPs). Send the email or SMS to the Countryside Express team and the Cyber Crime/Vigilance team, or delete it right away.

For goods that are in transit or under Countryside Express's supervision, the company does not ask for payment or personal information through any kind of communication. If you suffered financial loss as a result of the fraudulent communications, you should get in touch with your bank right away using the proper channels. Any fees or expenses resulting from illegal or fraudulent activity that makes use of the Countryside Express name, service marks, or logos are not covered by Countryside Express's insurance of any kind.


Typical Identifications of Internet Fraud include

Unexpected demands for cash in exchange for a package being delivered; paying a certain amount to have the parcel unblocked; or receiving gifts from a promotion company, frequently with a sense of urgency.
Inquiries about financial or personal data.
Requesting One Time Passwords (OTPs) via phone or text message
Hyperlinks to slightly modified or misspelled website addresses
Grammatical and spelling mistakes, or overuse of points of exclamation and capitalized words.
Announcements that a significant amount of money has been won in a jackpot or claim.


Contact Details

The Company’s registered office details are as follows:

Countryside Express Logistics Private Limited
SCO-40, First Floor,
Sector – 71,
Mohali – 160071 (Punjab)
In addition, customers can contact Countryside Express Toll Free at 1800 2031 231 or via e-mail at

With or without prior notice, Countryside Express retains the right to modify the Privacy Policy at any time. Please check back often in case anything changes.

The user agrees to this privacy policy by using the Countryside Express website(s).