Cancellation Policy

By booking a shipment with Countryside Express Logistics Private Limited, customers acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this cancellation policy.

Cancellation Window

Customers can cancel their shipment booking with Countryside Express Logistics within 2 (two) hours of placing the order without incurring any cancellation fees.

Cancellation Fees

If a shipment is cancelled after the initial 2 hour window, Countryside Express Logistics reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee. The amount of the fee may vary depending on factors such as the size and weight of the shipment, the distance it was supposed to travel, and the specific services requested.

Reason for Cancellation

Customers are required to provide a valid reason for cancelling their shipment. Valid reasons may include changes in shipment requirements, customer preferences, or unforeseen circumstances. Countryside Express Logistics will review each cancellation request on a case-by-case basis.

Refunds or Credits

If a cancellation is approved and a cancellation fee is applicable, customers may be eligible for a refund of any prepaid fees or charges. Alternatively, Countryside Express Logistics may offer a credit that can be used for future shipments with the company. Refunds will be processed within 7-10 business days after the cancellation request is approved.


Customers must notify Countryside Express Logistics as soon as possible if they need to cancel a shipment. Clear and timely communication is essential to ensure that the cancellation process is handled efficiently and accurately.


Certain shipments or services may be subject to different cancellation policies based on specific terms and conditions outlined in the service agreement or contract between Countryside Express Logistics and the customer.

Changes to Policy

Countryside Express Logistics Private Limited reserves the right to modify or update its cancellation policy at any time without prior notice. Customers will be notified of any changes to the cancellation policy through the company'’s official communication channels.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding cancellations, customers can contact Countryside Express Logistics Customer Support at 1800 2031 231 or